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Complex Laws, Procedure and Legal System makes existance of an individual / enterprise difficult, without a suitable Legal Associate with it. Saralinlegal Consultants started in August-2018 consisting of well reputed and experienced Legal and Para Legal Service providers, associated with each other, offering transparant, accountable, and easy ( Saral ) solutions for existing or anticipated legal issues. We offer a one stop solution with the help of well experienced legal and para legal minds, which includes Legal Practitioners, Tax Consultants, Company Compliance Consultants, Trade Mark and Copyright Consultants, Arbitration Consultants, Environmental Compliance Consultants, Medico-Legal Consultants, Legal Document Transcriptionist and Tranlators, Deeds and Conveyance Consultants and other areas connected to each other.

We provide 360 degree legal assistance to any entity, with tailor made legal strategy considering its inherent features like, nature of business, type of organisation, source of capital, labour employed, location, vendors and consumers etc..So also, carryout legal due diligence as prescribed and required by law with the association of well skilled professionals having expertise in the concerned area of law.

We provide on this platform tailor made suitable legal options by way of solutions in the areas such as, Litigation Services – Criminal Litigation , Civil Litigation, Family Disputes, labour and Industrial Dispute Cases, Arbitration Cases, Other Cases – RERA / IBC / DRT / CCI / CONSUMER / HC/SC; Enterprise Services – Company, Partnership Firms, Factory, Start up, Co-operative Society/ Society, 

N G O/Trust; Statutory Compliances –  Regulatory Bodies Compliances, Labor Compliance /  Epfo /  Esic / Factory /Others, Secretarial Audit & Compliance, Finance Regulatory / S E B I / R O C Compliance; Tax Services – G S T, Customs & Excise, E X I M, Income Tax; Other Areas / Services – Policy For Intellectual Property Management  ( I P Policy ), Policy For Pollution Control / Hazardous Material / Electronic Waste /  Environment Law Compliances, Legal Investigations / Forensic / Digital / Medical Reporting, Policy For Arbitration / Mediation / Negotiation, Policy For Energy Laws Compliance, Policy For Hospital  / Poly Clinic  / Medical Laboratories, Policy For Real Estate Development.



  • One stop solution for all kind issue. 
  • We provide 360-degree legal assistance anywhere in any subject. 
  • Ongoing legal associates to enterprise/individual business. 
  • Thereby provide our client is in legal consultation.
  • We have been particularly engaging our services to make ease of entrepreneurs for their business start-ups’. Over the past decade, the depth of our service, connection with reliable professionals, affordable prices and customer satisfaction has made us ease of reaching to legal services in India for any businesses or entrepreneurs or to a common people.

“Justice may be blind but, she has very sophisticated listening device.”

“Your Choices of Action may be limited, but your choices of thought are not”.



What is Saralinlegal Consultants and how does it help me?

Answer: Saralinlegal Consultants is a social and commercial venture which provides a platform to people to connect with the Civil and Criminal, Family litigation, Arbitration Lawyers, CS, CA , HR, and seek legal services and advices with ease.

Can I get services as per my time schedule?

Answer: Absolutely yes! You can post and seek the services as per your time and availability between Monday to Saturday. Saralinlegal Consultants provides you a workbench to manage your request and work as per your need.

Does Saralinlegal Consultants provide the legal services and other Services?

Answer: Yes, Saralinlegal Consultants does provide legal services only the lawyers registered with Saralinlegal Consultants provide the legal services ,Civil and Criminal, Family litigation, Arbitration Lawyers,CS, CA and HR.

How the privacy of a client is maintained while offering the services?

Answer: In general lawyers are bound by their professional ethics to maintain the confidentiality of their clients. In addition, they also sign a Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with Saralinlegal Consultants Rest assured your privacy is well maintained.

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